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As an incentive to our Clients, our consultants have access to the following products to reduce project cycle time. These products are also available for purchase independent of our Consulting Services.

SAP Employee Sync
Customers have an ongoing challenge in keeping their test data as close as possible to production data. Understanding that it’s not the most effective manual function, we have developed an Employee Data Download tool. This tool downloads all your HR Personnel Administration and Payroll data from your production client to your test or development environment.

Key Benefits

  • Download a small group of employees for testing
  • No system downtime
  • Tool can be enhanced by clients to suit there own needs
  • Used by several large clients

MSS Solution Templates
We offer a package of SAP MSS Solution templates that can speed up an MSS implementation project. These wide range of templates include new hire, transfer, address change, personal data change, employee bank data update, employee tax data update, position change/promotion and separation.
All these templates come with standard bolt on to SAP MSS. These templates not only give you the front-end code, but they also come with backend ABAP code and a generic workflow object. This solution is an end-to-end solution for MSS implementation.
We are also working with clients to develop an Adobe form based tool to meet client needs. The version to support Adobe forms will be released soon for general use.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced implantation time for MSS project
  • Ready to use templates
  • End to end solution
  • No Java expertise needed
  • Comes with ABAP code and generic workflow
  • Proven tool, used by client in the US

To learn more about this tool, please contact us at info@ScopeConsultingInc.com


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